I've seen the carnage – silver polishes that heavily scratched silver, and silver-plated objects that have been abraded right down to the base metal. And dips that not only remove tarnish but also dissolve silver, remove factory-applied patina, and expose you and your family to dangerous chemicals! How do you know what product won't harm your prized pieces?

It's time to put your trust in me – Jeffrey Herman. I've been a professional silver restorer and conservator since 1984 and recognized internationally for my silver care methodology. Over these years I've corrected an enormous amount of silver abuse. That's exactly why I developed Herman's Simply Clean.


Mild enough for the finest museum silver
The perfect polish for silver jewelry
No acids or ammonia
pH: 7.5
Gluten-free / nut-free / shellfish-free
Consistent high-quality ingredients
Leaves no residue
Creamy consistency
Removes fingerprints from stainless steel
Complimentary silver care assistance
Made in the USA

Herman's is supplied in 8 oz. jars.

Retail (USA): $13.95 each
Retail (Foreign): $13.95 each *
* Does not include customs, duty and/or tax.

Wholesale (PayPal / USA only): $6.95 each (12 jars)

Wholesale (Credit Card / USA only): $6.95 each (12 jars)

"Jeffrey Herman's Simply Clean Collectors Silver Polish is gentle, thorough, and easy to use. Even the most tarnished silver will shine again, and it's safe to use on antique silver and plated silver." Ulysses Dietz, curator of decorative arts and silver collector.

"I began collecting silver hollowware as a 40+ year numismatist (coin collector), where we see ourselves as custodians of historic pieces and where cleaning and polishing is a cardinal sin. But recently, two pieces from my hollowware collection had begun to darken. My anxiety increased when I came into the possession of a very good 18th century American piece. I began researching the safest methods for conserving and storing my treasures and found Jeffrey Herman's web site offered just the kind thorough, in-depth information I was looking for. Jeff responded quickly to my questions and made me feel much more at ease about the care of my pieces. I ordered Herman's Simply Clean and was absolutely delighted with how easy it was to use, how it wiped away the tarnish without the need for aggressive rubbing and polishing, and how it left my pieces with a gorgeous natural silver color and not the lifeless chrome look I was afraid of. I can't recommend Herman's Simply Clean enough." K.W. Lancaster

If you find Herman's a bit thick, add a few drops of distilled water (not tap water) and mix.

Wash your hands first to remove any oils prior to polishing or use nitrile gloves (not latex) so you won't get fingerprints on your silver.

Herman's is concentrated – a little goes a long way!

For easier access to the polish, shake the jar and use the polish that remains in the cover.

Don't be stingy with the makeup pads (I prefer the lint-free Premium CVS brand) or cotton balls and constantly rotate them to expose clean material.

To remove tarnish in tight spaces, use a Q-tip or wrap a popsicle stick or wooden skewer with a cotton makeup pad or cotton ball.

Use your sink's sprayer to rinse off Herman's as it's more efficient.

Should you notice a light yellowing on your silver, try using some hand sanitizer first. If there's any
residue left behind, spray the object with a 100% plant-based glass cleaner, such as Better Life. If
you can't remove the tarnish, then use Herman's Simply Clean. When possible it's always best to start with a cleaner than a polish.

Hold a piece of white paper up to the piece you're polishing as the reflection will reveal if there is
additional tarnish that needs to be removed.

Learn from a professional conservator how to properly care for all your silver here.

Polished with Herman's Simply Clean. Harsher polishes would have damaged this Underhill & Vernon tankard c.1787-88.


Jeffrey Herman, ASAS, FIPG
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation
PO Box 786, West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893, USA
Comprehensive Silver Care Instructions Herman's Simply Clean SDS

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